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Junior Golf in the United States is exploding! Thanks in part to programs like the PGA Junior League, Drive,Chip and Putt events, and youth golf camps, more families and youth than ever are discovering why golf is the game of a lifetime. The Junior Golf program at Clio Country Club is designed to make golf interesting for local children of all ages. Here are just a few benefits of signing your children up for Junior Golf at Clio Country Club.

1. CCC Junior Golf program includes clinics and lessons from PGA golf professionals and volunteers.Our staff of PGA golf professionals and volunteers make golf FUN and easy to learn. All Junior Golf attendees will have multiple opportunities to learn and practice new golf skills. There will also be an emphasis on golf etiquette and basic rules of play.

2. CCC Junior Golf emphasizes FUN.Gathering with friends to play Junior Golf gives our young golfers the opportunity to spend time in a warm and supportive setting. The emphasis is on enjoyment of the golf experience and on individual improvement. The FUN environment is further enhanced by walking and being active in the outdoors. All children will receive participation awards.

3. CCC Junior Golf emphasizes life skills.Golf is a great sport for children because it emphasizes many social skills that carry over into adulthood.These skills include teamwork, patience, respect, honesty, and integrity. Golf also teaches self-confidence,math skills, and problem-solving skills, all which are important in business and everyday life.

4. CCC Junior Golf is open to children, grandchildren, and friends of both members and non-members.Clio Country Club is committed to connecting with all of our local children. Children of non-members are welcome to take part in our program. This is a great way for meeting and making new friends which may lead to life-long friendships.

5. CCC Junior Golf helps you spend quality outdoor time with your children.Our Junior Golf program is an event around which all family members can gather for a FUN time. It is a great opportunity for parents to provide positive feedback and encouragement to children. We encourage all of our parents and grandparents to volunteer as a group leader, or to walk along as a supportive spectator.

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